Posted on 11-Feb-2020

Romaisa International

Romaisa International offers GYM Fitness Gloves made of premium quality gloves, hook and loop enclosure strap. gel padding. Weightlifting Gloves for Gym Fitness Bodybuilding - Leather Cross-fit Cross Training Gloves W. Wrist Strap Wrap - Best Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Support for Heavy Lifting.

GENUINE SOFT LEATHER - SUPERIOR DURABLE STITCHING - Unbeatable Grip Enhancement - Crown Gear gloves can significantly improve your grip, allowing you to lift heavier weights, do more reps and meet your goals sooner. The effect is particularly noticeable if you tend to sweat as moisture can make weights slip, even causing injury.
4-WAY STRETCH FABRIC - Provide Multi-Directional Stretching & Comfort - "EZ Pull-off" System for Easy Removal gloves are easy to remove and comfortable to wear. Durable and practical, they allow you to work beyond your natural grip limit, so you can work out the muscle groups you're targeting, not just your hands. Leather panels linked with stretch material give a close fit while allowing ease of movement so these gloves will be comfortable and effective throughout your workout.
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